Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Too Much Attention being Paid to the First 100 Days?

I'm torn about the tremendous attention being focused on the President's first 100 days. On one side, it seems like kowtowing to a media event and creating a lot of hype around a false stake in the ground; on the other hand, we live in a time where clear communication is key.

Ok, I admit it: at the end of the day, it seems like there is too much "pomp and circumstance" being put on this date on the calendar. While the President couldn't and wouldn't stop the press from covering this milestone and should communicate clearly, the planned prime time press conference feels like a bit much.

So what the relationship between this hoopla and technology start ups?

1. First, running a company is a marathon not a sprint. It's fine to set goals and meet them (in 10 days, 100 days or 6 months). But that's not the end in itself.

2. Hype kills. Yes. This is a familiar refrain for this blog. But we cannot say it too often. At the end of the day, spinning up too many things to create too much buzz can (nearly) always lead to disappointment among most constituents. . (Admittedly, the President has, thus far, avoided this pitfall. But...)

So, what should the President be doing now? Probably clear and concise communications to keep the discussion and understanding progressing. But without the prime time focus.

The same goes for most companies.

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