Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome, PR 2.0! But Where Is “Leadership” in the Formula?

Welcome, PR 2.0! But Where Is “Leadership” in the Formula?

We are so pleased that a “high concept” called “PR 2.0” is attracting so much attention of late. After the hysteria of the last decade or so about “ink” and “publicity”, it’s excellent that young entrepreneurs are being educated about the real facts of life in effective public relations. We have always tried to practice this on a one on one basis and are glad for the help reminding people of some important fundamentals about public relations, including the benefits of:

• Having a clear vision
• Articulating it clearly as a “high concept”
• Understanding how your market is shaped and influencing the influencers through the appropriate media
• Relationship-building; and
• Leadership

Leadership is the thing that we believe is missing from the broadly articulated version of PR 2.0. It’s good to have the tactical execution in hand as being explained by PR 2.0. But we think the broad explanation forgets to remind entrepreneurs that they need to define the market – not follow it (you can read about this a lot in this blog (

We hope that with the increased attention to professional PR execution the quality of services provided will go up. Moreover, we hope even more fervently that a few of the entrepreneurs will go the extra mile and really work to lead and challenge the market with provocative and interesting perspectives.

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Blogger Brian Solis said...

Thank you for talking about PR 2.0. I've been pushing this since the mid-90s and it's always been about the high concept and how it connects to the day-to-day. There are some truly great discussions to share with startups that elevate strategies to lead instead of follow -

Some great concepts include "The Escalator Pitch," and "Social Media Manifesto," and many, many more.

Thank you again for bringing attention to this and for sharing it with your community. Cheers!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Michele Nix said...

So true. Thanks for underscoring the leadership factor. PR 2.0 is about more than "keeping up." As Brian said, it's the difference between lead versus follow. It's about being "out front," planting new flags in new territories with strategic, yet bold visions. That brand of leadership gives PR 2.0 tremendous value in today's startup-startfast-startfirst world. Insightful blog. Thanks.

2:33 PM  

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