Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yes, my dear, Technology Does Matter

I just read a post by Alex Haislip of PE Hub that bothers me. The phrase that most struck me was "I feel like most VCs I write about repeated the 'defensible technology is all that matters' mantra until it blinded them to any other opportunities."

Where are these VC's? My concern today is that so many VCs lose sight of the need for barriers to entry and just focus on clever business models. And, worse, technology breakthroughs are looked upon with skepticism that they will be too expensive, or worse, never become commercial.

We certainly understand that a viable business model is needed to make a successful company. But what about transformational technology? Yes; it is possible to put too much emphasis on technology, but there are too *few* start ups today with that critical technology breakthrough.

And if that happens, where will tomorrow's new business opportunities come from?

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