Saturday, December 08, 2007

How do you spell Relief: GigaOm

I have known Om Malik since something like 1997 when we first met outside of a client that was changing the basic network infrastructure. Om, along with only a few of the very gifted journalists I have met, has always been able to understand the story that's on the surface, and the long term implications of what he is hearing. This has been particularly relevant for infrastructure plays and young companies that are developing "enabling technologies." Because with these companies you need to get below the surface to see how important they actually might mean. It's the role of the public relations to help with this, but it also takes the right perspective in the journalist (and of course the presenter). has to date done a tremendous job of looking at the new world as it is coming to be. I am now excited that Om announced on Friday that GigaOm is going to start looking at infrastructure issues and their implications. If there's anyone around who can do it, it's Om and his team!

Moreover, I hope that with Om's influence, more people will return to exploring, understanding, and perhaps even celebrating some of the foundational technology companies and what they could mean. Because it's not just the top layer of applications that are evolving and changing the way we live but also the next generations of technologies are evolving as well!

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