Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogging Evaluated

It's just about a year since I started writing this blog. I began the process to gain experience about blogging, its benefits, and opportunities. Here are a few lessons:
  1. We have begun to recommend to most of our clients that they start blogs. They can serve many valuable purposes for a company that wants to communicate clearly with its constituencies;
  2. The value of most blogs is to have a simple place to share a point of view and insights;
  3. Most of us won't become famous with a blog (though we did find that marketing our blog had some benefit. Moreover, we followed our own advice a time or two and were provocative and picked on big guys. It helped.);
  4. We have found that our blog serves its best purpose as a "living brochure." That is, for visitors to our site, it gives a real opportunity to understand at a deeper level who we are and what we stand for. Our blog has definitely helped prospective clients get a feel for Roeder-Johnson;
  5. This means that a blog should definitely represent a viewpoint and have specific goals. Even if the style is rambling; the objective shouldn't be;
  6. Blogs may or may not be a part of the PR mix of a company; they definitely are part of the marketing and strategic communications.

If you have thoughts you want to add or debates about any of these points, please share them.

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